Impulse project 3

End-of-life concepts for the holistic use of natural fibre plastic waste

Prototype for thermal waste treatment

Impulse project 3, as a sub-project of the closed process chain of the LaNDER³ project, links these existing resources with each other so that new innovative fields of application can be developed in the field of renewable raw materials. The current problem lies in the current recycling of plastic composites. The biogenic origin of natural reinforcing fibers has the decisive advantage over synthetic fibers in that they decompose without leaving residues. This challenge, the efficient energetic use of natural reinforcing fibers in natural fibre composites with simultaneous recycling of the plastic matrix, is taken up by LaNDER³. Such end-of-life concepts for the holistic use of waste of natural fibre composites not only make a decisive contribution to resource conservation, environmental protection and the social acceptance of materials of natural fibre composites, but also lead to an economic advantage of natural fibers over non-recyclable synthetic fibers.

Project management

Foto: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Tobias Zschunke
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