Mobile high-performance biogas system

Development of a modular high-performance biogas plant based on dry mass concentration control with novel high-performance fixed-bed gas digester and high-performance fixed-bed liquid digester with Haase Tank GmbH.

Brief description

The aim is to develop a compact high-performance biogas plant which, by means of novel fixed-bed fermenters, makes it possible to produce biogas from different feedstocks with a methane content of at least 70% in a decentralized and flexible manner in a significantly shorter process (compared to conventional processes). Furthermore, investigations are being carried out into the biochemical conversion of combustion gas from a combined heat and power plant and of electrochemically produced hydrogen (from renewable electricity surpluses) to methane. This will be realized in a new high-performance fixed-bed gas digester to be developed in order to minimize the CO2 emissions of the downstream Combined heat and power unit. A system for treating the process wastewater is also being developed, whereby the mineral substances (e.g. phosphate) contained in the process wastewater are recovered and used, for example, to produce natural fertilizers. The "salt-free" process wastewater thus achieves a quality that can be discharged into the wastewater system.

The measures presented here - incineration waste gas utilization and treatment of the process waste water - serve to realize ecological and environmentally compatible material cycles.

Foto: Prof Dr.-Ing. Frank Hentschel
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