Test bench for separator needles

Development of an image-processing test rig for inspection and condition assessment of separator needles for synthetic and natural fibers with KSO-Textil GmbH.

How does the application work?

The function of the needles is to ensure an even course of the textile threads so that they can subsequently be accurately warped onto a sectional warp beam. The thread guidance causes wear on the separator needles over time.

In the long term, wear causes damage to the textile yarns and can cause production to come to a standstill. If the damage goes unnoticed, it can also lead to complaints from customers. It is therefore necessary to check the various separator needles  regularly. Until now, this has been done by experienced employees by hand, with the needles being scanned for irregularities under a magnifying glass using auxiliary equipment. The newly developed image processing system relieves the employees and reduces inspection times.

Photo: Dr.-Ing. André Seeliger
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