In 2016, Zittau/Görlitz University’s project application was one of ten selected from 80 applicants and received more than five million Euros from the BMBF's „Starke Fachhochschulen – Impuls für die Region“ (UAS impulse) funding measure. Furthermore, primarily regional companies support the project with additional funds in the amount of k€980.

The advantage of the LaNDER³ project is that the German government can provide funds for up to eight years. Funds are often given for two or three years only. It is indeed difficult to develop a marketable product on such short notice. A period of eight years, however, is a realistic term to develop innovative products and publish the underlying research results. The LaNDER³ project is currently in its four-year build-up phase. After that, HSZG can and will apply for another four-year funding period.

Natural fibres from locally available biomasses, efficiently decomposed including the recycling of waste materials, energy-efficiently converted into ready-to-use components as lightweight, resilient materials in high-tech composites, functionally coated and recyclable - all steps optimally and internally supplied with energy - that is the goal. Our partnership will therefore revolutionize the entire product life cycle of natural fiber-reinforced plastics (NFRPs).