Matthias Schwarzbach (Picture: IHK Dresden, GS Zittau)

Questions for Matthias Schwarzbach, IHK Dresden, Head of the Zittau office, member of the LaNDER3 advisory board

What are the tasks of the advisory board?

We have a cross-project, moderating role within the network and promote exchange between the various project participants. The advisory board meets every six months and is always hosted by one of the participating companies. A tour of the business is part of every meeting. The partners get to know the business of their fellow participants in practice and take away valuable ideas.

What do you like about LaNDER3?

LaNDER³ looks at the entire process chain of the NFK life cycle for the first time, from the cradle to the grave, so to speak. The topic of recycling in particular offers huge potential. If plastic components no longer have to be disposed of, but at least parts of them can be reused, this increases the sustainability of the materials enormously. To illustrate: the disposal of modern  high-performance materials made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastics has become a problem worldwide, as it consumes a lot of energy because carbon fibers only burn at a temperature of 1200 to 1300 degrees. Natural fiber-reinforced plastics offer an environmentally and climate-friendly alternative and therefore a large market for our regional companies. With LaNDER³, we are ultimately driving structural change in Upper Lusatia.

(Text: Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V./Technopolis Group Deutschland, source: