Graphical representation of the themes and strategic objectives of the LaNDER³ partnership
Technological topics and strategic goals of the LaNDER³ partnership

The most important objective, and hence the starting point for the further development of the action strategy of the LaNDER³ partnership, is a stimulating effect on R&D-active commercial enterprises in the region and the University, based on the example of the technology around NFRPs. This includes holistic technology and system development to help NFRPs become ecologically and economically competitive wherever they represent an asset with their optimized life cycle.

The following figure summarises the most important goals.

Our activities have two overarching strategic goals: The first, to some degree intrinsic objective is to build up a regionally active, self-supporting network: Companies and stakeholders alike are involved in the various sub-projects according to their possibilities in order to give an impulse to the economy of Upper Lusatia, to strengthen firms, to further develop Upper Lusatia as a business location and to carry research into SMEs. The second, extrinsic objective is to contribute answers to the challenges arising from structural change. Examples include Germany's Energiewende (‘energy transition’) and the associated disruptions (decline in lignite production in Lusatia and the associated industries) as well as the ongoing and visible demographic change in the region.

There is no dispute that high innovation and transfer capabilities of business and science are essential pedestals for the upcoming structural change. Upper Lusatia’s strong polymer processing industry can provide a decent foundation to this end. Technology development around NFRPs is therefore also expected to form the basis for a further development of the industry and related trades (eg suppliers, tool manufacturers, fibre producers/agriculture) into key positions in a future economic area “after lignite”.

To this end, the partnership is to be integrated into the regional development concepts of Lusatia and the tri-border area (D-CZ-PL), which are increasingly gaining momentum.

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